Freelance Web Development

“We’re visual people, and we can all identify what looks good and what looks bad. Design is easy to sell. Good code, on the other hand, simply satisfies an abstract requirement that the buyer does not understand and therefore cannot value.”
Aaron Carlino

My Favorite web technologies:

  • Object Oriented Web Programming
    • PHP5 & Java
    • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & jQuery
  • Content Management System Conversions
    • Silverstripe CMS & WordPress
  • Android Applications

My name is Robert Clarkson, and I build engaging websites for various Queenstown companies including; Design agencies, Sweet shops, Builders, Hotels and more.

If you have a question, project or need some extra help, please drop me an email at or if you would like to chat, call me right now on 022 021 0121.

About web development:
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Front-end Back-end Storage
HTML5 PHP (Object oriented PHP5) SQL
CSS3 Java
Javascript (jQuery)

Open source solutions used where possible.

Latest Web Developments

Silverstripe 3.1 HTMLEditorField embedded images now have a changable default width setting

January 22, 2014

Silverstripe’s default is to embed images with an auto width set of 600px. This is often not an appropriate width …
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Silverstripe 3.1 wont rename tables from uppercase

January 22, 2014

So problem where normally Silverstripe has been automatically renaming table from uppercase, for say when you want to move your …
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Solved: Silverstripe Problem adding styles to WYSIWYG editor

December 27, 2013

I was adding styles to my typography CSS file, which is the correct way to add custom styles that can …
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